To be “Tenuta la Campana”, means to be and to pass across Tuscany. It is a continuous change of landscape and it is getting better and better.
Starting from fields, woods, we reach the bio-cultivations, the pasture land and its “limousine” heads of cattle, the first lake in order to find another one. The typical landscape of a truffle-ground is bigger and bigger and you can see a flock of sheeps far away.

We are not yet arrived, but the landscape you lose as far as the eye can see, is attractive and various. Tenuta la Campana receives you with its majesty, beauty and colours constantly changing in every. season.
Hunting is common and its spaces are signed and carefully protected: because in this over 1054 hectares space, fully enclosed for over 43 kms, you can enjoy and stay in some buildings by testifying a past, without losing the charm of its modernity. You can find whatever you look for.

A few kms far, you can find cities full of history, culture and great past like Siena, Firenze, Pienza, Perugia, Arezzo, Montalcino , thermal resorts and others.


The beautiful master’s villa has an austere Tuscan architectural structure, of some 600 square metres distributed on two floors.

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Apartments are finely furnished, color and atmosphere in every corner and several warm and friendly will help you find your home away from home

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