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We open exclusive hunting estates to world wide enthusiasts! You will live a real authentic experience!

Italian roe deer is the most elusive animal to be hunted in Italy and its natural habitat is in the small groves of Tuscany and in the Appennino mountains. The shy nature and thy crepuscular habit make the roe deer hunt a romantic experience where hunters will be captivated by wonderful sunsets sinking into Tuscans vineyards and behind its cypresses while waiting for the animal.

Is one of the oldest and most typical hunts in Italy. Hunters meet all together in the early morning and move into the woods arranging themselves in a line. The sound of a horn announces to dozens of beaters that all hunters are in the right position. This represent the signal to release hundreds of dogs and start the hunt.

Thrush Hunting is one of the most popular hunts in Tuscany since the places you can hunt them are very close to the cities and also their hunt offers many opportunities for  a lot of shots. It is the best hunt for new hunters in order to learn how to shoot. They are mostly expected each year from mid October and their hunt lasts till the last day of February.

The great population of pheasants in this area, is the reason of the an age-old tradition: hunting with the pointing dog. By far the most hunted animal in Italy, pheasants are sought with different kind of dogs as English and Gordon setters, pointer as well as various other breeds.

Chianti Classico, Nobile di Montepulciano and Brunello di Montalcino: famous wines world-wide, produced in harmony with antique values and traditional methods linked to the region.

The centralised position of the Crete Senesi hills as regards to Chianti, Montepulciano and Montalcino has made the Campana holding a very handy base for visits to wine canteens of producers of prestigious wines. These wines are adorned with DOCG “Denominazione di Origine Controllata e Garantita”.

The oil you will taste at Tenuta La Campana is the result of years of experience and culture.
It’s our oil … and we want to share it with you!

The specific location of Bell taking in the hills of the Crete Senesi has made an untarnished. Here it is possible to produce an excellent extra virgin olive oil with a low level of acidity and rich percentage of fatty acids.

The particular position of the Campana holding in the middle of the Crete Senesi hills has made it an uncontaminated oasis. Here the production of an excellent extra virgin olive oil with low acidity levels and rich percentage of fatty acids is possible.

It’s certainly the most prestigious of all the species of truffle around.
It has a pleasant aromatic scent but a alliaceous than other truffles and this makes it unique.

Within the Campana holding there is an area of naturally grown truffles ( more than 15 hectares ), making it possible the experience of going truffle hunting accompanied by our truffle experts and their dogs. After a few hours in the fields and wood, following the signs and behaviour of these loyal four legged friends detecting the presence of truffles , makes the pleasure of tasting this precious tubero even more intense and unforgettable.

Every year the most important historic cycling event, called “Eroica” , through the hills, dirt roads and streets of Tenuta La Campana.

It involves 205 km of dirt and tarmac roads, which wind their way through the unforgettable landscape of Chianti, Crete Senesi and Val d’Orcia. Here you will without doubt be fascinated by the neatness of the vineyards following the soft hillsides, the linearity of cyprus trees, the majestic olive trees, waves of fields of wheat and the devastating blinding beauty of the fields of sunflowers.

Do not miss the chance, the first Sunday of October to encourage your sample and perhaps take part in the race !!