An uncontaminated oasis in the middle of the "Crete Senesi" covering more than one thousand hectares entirely enclosed to be exclusively enjoyed by those who choose it as their holiday destination and by the few people who work there.

Farming is the main activity carried out in the estate with full respect of the environment.
Within the farm there are natural truffle grounds, where in good years the prized white truffle is harvested.

Durum wheat, which is used in making the famous Italian pasta, is our main crop, followed by cereals for animal feeding, meadows for forage production and livestock pasturing; a small olive grove yields an excellent extra-virgin olive oil.

Stock farming – cattle for meat and sheep for milk – is another significant activity here and it is not unusual, walking through the estate, to see livestock out to pasture in the meadows.


The main building of "Tenuta la Campana", the village, has a Middle Age origin. 
The actual structure goes back to the 17th Century, when the family of Ptolemies bankers built here their owner's house with its chapel, enlarging in this way the village.

All the buildings have been recently restored and now you can enjoy a relaxing stay surrounded by the magnificent landscape. You will live and read the story of Tenuta la Campana.

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